I feel stifled, because the night is hot. There are so many people in the street tonight ! I can't see my feet. I'm afraid because I feel it … in my back. Oh ! I think that somebody's following you ! I flee my enemy, because of him I can't breath easely. Superficiality and noises around me.

I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall ! Yes I do !
I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall ! Like all of us !
I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall ! One more !
I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall !

The structure of the town became invisible. I'm going nuts, it's unbelievable. We can't see what is what, and what is it about ! In our society citizen means customer, and if you are not in this case, you have nothing to do there ! There's only one thing I know ! It's because of this shit that I wanna go !

[Refrain] x2

I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall ! Yes I do !
I'm living in a big town where advertising eat the wall ! Like all of us !
I'm leaving this big town where advertising eat the wall ! One more
I'm leaving this big town where advertising eat the wall !

Bad aKzent

My taylor is rich, but my english is poor.
I've got enough words to tell you stories that's sure !
French pronunciation, bad pronunciation,
at school we never had congratulation !
But we like it and we love it, so we use it, yeah kick it !
This Bad aKzent we are proud of it !
Cause it's so deep, you'll never sleep,
this is the power of NOFLIPE !
My accent is some kind of accident, opponents
break my balls while I break the bank.
Those skank say my text stank, for them I'm a cock,
but I fuck them and I funk I think.
Klezmer track, I come back, attack, with my mic and
Doc will sent you in the black.
I loose my woords the clock advance
and I loose my chance but I feel the crowd bounce.

Bad aKzent !

NOFLIPE will survive,
even the whole world would die.
Darkness will take the unfairest,
endless torture, NoFlipe put you to the test.
The first ones scary, the seconds happy.
My hate has been hiding too long now,
I want those souls to be blowed behind the sky,
farther than the bird can fly.
We already tried to sing in french but
it doesn't work so we had to cut !
Regarde j'fais un essai pour toi si ça te chante
mais tu déchantes tout de suite car mon flow se décante !
Maybe later but not now, I'm not ready.
I've got still enough words to tell you my story.
Our Bad aKzent is our french touch,
da best to express for Pew and Flush !


Flush is really strange, for him everything is enraging it’s amazing. He continue to brood it’s irritating. To moon is a range, weddings are arranged, money is managed by rotten politician, business man who rule the world and lead it to its end. He’s gonna refuse but I want to give a hand.

Hey ! What a loony day ! Hamburger’s day that’s our way.

Consult a psychic if you need answers. I will bring you only other questions about humans conditions, and sometime just talk about things with no sense. Like this sentence : * »%£‹\. Test your chance ! Come in da absurds dance. Here comes the age of the NOFLIPE race, no escape in this case it’s a face to face.

Hey ! What a loony day ! Hamburger’s day that’s our way. x2

We’ve got to share, a burger. We’ve got to share a piece of burger. x2

I can’t stand when he’s liked that. It makes me sick, it’s only chitchat. I’m annoying & I’m proud, it’s my time. I’m not ashamed, I’m not shy. He’s a pain, he drives me insane. I do what I want now, it’s my reign. You talk like a kid & you’re so kind. I’m gonna give you the feed, it’s your brain you’ve got to find.


Bye Buy

World is built around money, people have many others don't have any. Always the same who have some, since the world is born. Buy buy baby ! You must spend all your money to get thing without utility, all you've got cause you work hard weekly. So happy to possess once again, just after that you wanna call your friend. Hi honey ! I have something to show you. All these objects are becoming you. Now your house looks like a showcase, you're wearing your new clothes, it's nice. Do you wanna know your price ? Wake up, or I kick your ass !

Money in all mouth
but not in all house.
How can you waste...
When people hope and wait ?

You're obsessed, always looking for… to possess, to possess, more and more. You don't feel better, no satisfaction ! Money doesn't give answers to your questions, doesn't help you to aim da perfection. You wanna be happy, I've got a solution : put your money in a box and forget the key. Have project with persons you like to be and when it'll be finish, you will can say : bye buy baby. Built, create, paint. Stop to think that gold is a saint !


The beggar also talks about it. He needs it, he doesn't want his expenses to bring him in the shit. He's forced to ask for it if he wanna eat. I'm talking about it on the beat, but it's everydaylife in the street.


Circus of Markus

He washes his hands in the dark, scars on da left shoulder. It’s full of blood and fresh meats, around there are the tigers. Clean it, clean it, clean it, no streak, no scent, hush listener. He takes time to make it good, he won’t do faster. Suddenly, (Rudy) someone call him outside ! It’s strictly forbidden to see what’s happening here, quickly ! Hurry up ! (Rudy) Voice is near, tigers continue to eat their meat. Last drop of blood, he takes his jacket and get out of it. Outside the big top, the tamer meets Todd, da new guy. I’ve been looking for you for two hours, no lie ! What did you do in that marquee Rudy Tiger ? I fed tigers, answer him, pushing back the nosey parker. The boss wants to see you in his trailer. Markus ? Ok, I’m following you little tosser. Da two guys leave, tigers are still eating, in the middle of the tent, a hand in a bowl is bleeding.

Welcome, welcome to the circus of Markus !
As glamorous, as dangerous, is there anybody you can trust ?

Welcome to the place where the curious are sent into nowhere, don’t you dare to poke your nose into the circus affair. There’s no fairplay and there’s no spare ticket, make a mistake and you’ll be put in front of Markus chair. For years and years you’ve seen the tears of many employees, it’s a business, it’s a sickness, you’ll die if you’re useless. Black magic, curse, bull’s eye, there’s always a spy, in your back with a knife, ready to sent you very high. Boss trailer, Doc is in front of da pacha Markus. This one is silent, Doctor E is worried and anxious. Rudy and Todd come into the room and see the man in battle dress. Here we are boss ! I see it brainless !


We found him in da magician’s trunk, hidden. He said he escapes from jail, must be at full speed. He steals the uniform, never mind the details, you don’t need it. Well, what do you think about it, kid ? Rudy tells his feeling, while Doc is waiting for the answer. Now Markus, in front of him, is standing. So ! If you wanna stay here, you have to work hard bro. There’s the maestro who needs people for the music show. I’ve played saxophone when I was young. Perfect, go on, play some beautiful song. Da three men get out from the boss trailer. Markus said : Todd, never get closed from the tigers.


Cougar & Coward

While Doctor E is training on saxophone on the circus ring, Zofia and Markus are talking behind his back. Story’s opening…

Zofia could you tell me, what do you think about this man ? Dashing is the only one word which comes to my mind. Old woman, I don’t know you were a cougar. Shut up sucker, I was talking about the hanger he hides. It’ll be a waste not to use this… Here we go again with da magic shit, my ass you kiss. One more word and I cast you a spell Marki. Go tell him, I wanna see him in my trailer immediately.

Magic sax power ! High kick sax killer !

Once upon a time, in a beautiful and big town, two friends, to a bright future they were promised. First one was generous and liked by all of us, second was only ambitious and a little bit jealous. The success of the one didn’t make the happiness of the other and his treason made a big mess. Carefree, the innocent lost all he got even his family, killed in front of his eyes, silenced for eternity. Locked into a cell, the solitude becomes his jail. Does his promise to take revenge has failed ? Or does he become a coward ? A coward ! Does he become a coward ? What could I do against them ? The fight is already lost, I would have been shot. Already lost if it’s the wrong weapons you have in stock you maggot. I would sell my soul to beat those assholes, I want to see their fall. Zofia gave him a power hidden in his saxophone’s hole !


Do you see what you get ?

Today and everyday since the world is looking for cash, piling on the surface more and more trash ! The Earth rotates faster and faster. Not for S-Low ! Sitting on a bench he's looking at the show ! He is laughing when he see you're running, his step beats time when yours beat at sixteenth ! To take part of this world most people became assholes ! We need a solution before the mankind falls !

Do you see what you get dude ?
Do you see what you get when you mess up with NOFLIPE ?

A day like everyday when he was taking his time, he went to his musical training time. He saw a man who's playing music in the street, hiting with his feet on the funky beat. The man stopped the show, looking at S-Low, came close to him and guess what he told : Hello guy, we always call me Doctor E. Let's wait for the nightfall, there's something you must see.

He could feel the dishonesty of the people, he blows and swallows folks in his saxophone's hole. My name is S-Low, can you tell me what happened ? The explanation was terrible and simple. You have a power like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen ! You send the badmen in the nothingness, don't you ? You must absolutely join the crew !


I have news of S-low, he called me on the phone. He told me a story about a man with a saxophone. I said ok, stay where you are I see you at the town. Pew wants to come with me, he doesn't want to stay alone. Always on the same bench, I do not need to seek. He introduces me a man who's really fantastic ! Hello I'm Flush and we have a society to kick, I am very curious, can you show me your technic ?


Everybody kills his neighbor

Everybody kills his neighbor !

I can see many people with us tonight, and everybody wants heavy is it right ? Ok, good ! Here you are at the best place, heavy will hit you right in your face ! You've got to always take care about the movement, oh please stay alive for a moment. Look back, left side, right side, you want to survive but no place to hide !

Everybody kills !
His neighbor !
Everybody kills !

There are some people who are missing now. We must evacuate the cadavers but how ? Last headbanging makes me lost my mind ! Where is my brain ? Oh ! Here, I find ! I saw a yellow dog, what the fuck ! I can't be sure because of this smoke. Franky a dû forcer la dose,
like in the time of Overdoz !

Everybody kills !
His neighbor !
Everybody kills !

Good News

S-Low has a walk all the time in the street. He sees many people with strange chaps sometimes he meets but this evening he saw a not common trick, a man lost alone in pajamas "what’s the shit ?" Dusk has come but he wears sun glasses. "Sun is stricking today is’nt it ? Who is it ? The party has been hard ? It’s the alarm clock you’ve missed. I really don’t understand what you say mister. You call me mister, did you look well at me ? Ah no it’s gonna be hard cause I can't see." The man lifted his glasses he was a blindman, a curious meeting and we are far from the end. My first friend outdoors, my life’s gonna be less boring, I though it was a dream but now it’s happening. People were making fun of me, were making faces but now it’s over I take my things and leave my room keys.

I have good news ! Da first friend I choose, tonight I won’t have the blues. I have good news ! I can fly with my own wings, I do what I want like a king.

Garbaging ! My day-to-day. Someone stops me, I hear he says hey. I though you were a blindman, you’ve got me there. Fuck-off bastard, find you another way. He insists, he believes I’m somebody else. I don’t wanna talk, you give me morning sickness. I’m not the person you seek, convince me is useless. He goes away by offending me I guess. S-Low came to the orphanage with a man who smelt bad. I remember cause he took me in his arms. He began to cry it made a lot of noise, he was my brother and it was not a lie. Then you are blind too bro ? No ? I’ve been waiting for a long time, now it’s time to go. People were making fun of me, were making faces but now it’s over I take my things and leave my room keys.


You gotta check the mic, now we come back. Stay yourself so don’t you try to be like. Stay yourself so don’t you try to rap like me. We’re all together and we’re still free. I am a blindman, but I guide them, all the same I am seeking fame. We are all different but we follow the same track, be careful now the NOFLIPE crew attack.


Keep Walking

It’s like this that the day begins : the beggar told me " I’m not your father kid, da story of your birth you need to know, it was a long time ago. One night in a rubbish’s district , I saw a pregnant woman leaning against the wall, but too weak to walk, she falls on the floor. After she vomits, I try to help her but she wallops me and I just keel over. Mmm… I woke up slowly, I'm out of it, wozzat, cry, baby ? I open my eyes, what I heard is what I see : a baby , right in front of me. Lay down beside the public toilets. It’s a sad story that I’ll never forget. Until now your life is like a piece of shit. But you’re not a victim, you must just keep walking !

I’m not a victim, just keep walking.
I’m not a victim

On the wall, a bill where is written something : please flush toilet after using. Beggar, why did you never tell me your name ? You need a name only if you have an aim. I give up the fight, but for you when the time will come, you must absolutely have in mind. Yes, I know your warning : I’m not a victim, I must just keep walking !

You’ve got problems ? Take it easy, Pew is the example, he can’t see ! We take care of Tok-toc, he lost his memory. We are not the slave of money. Got much more, all of us are free. Don’t cry on yourself, it’s the enemy, defaults of the street will destroy world of consummation, now enjoy !

We’re not victims, we must just keep walking !


MC of the I.M.C.

Blindness met with me in my birth bed, and it'll go on till I'll be dead. You walk like a robot, you'll never raise to the top. I'm fed up ! To all that comments I say fuck !

MC of the I.M.C. (Paralyzed for life !)
I would like to be like anybody,
and people to stop criticize my body.
(People to stop criticize my body)

Just take S-Low, slow like a body under the snow, limp like a low tone, taking his time, he'll become a skeleton. Sure you'll break your invoice if he picks up the phone. I'm fed up ! To all that comments I say fuck !


I've just heard I.M.C. I was thinking about Mister G. He has never walked, since he has seen the sun he's blocked. Creep like a worm, we'll throw you lots of pop-corn. I'm fed up ! To all that comments I say fuck ! Respect and accept me in jobs, love, friendship and party. Considering me like anybody else, I'll accept my body for the worst and the best, and you'll show me much more interest !

MC of the I.M.C. (Paralyzed for life !)
I would like to be like anybody,
and people to stop criticize my body.
(Like anybody, people will stop criticize my body) x2

Natch vs the World

To steal, to play the fool : that’s how my life is. A car is on fire, I’ve got the matches. I cast off codes, I break the law, cash, jewel, banking cards are the things I know. In a sticky situation, I’ve gotta dash off, find a cool place and not to be caught. I gotta follow my plan, find the man I’m looking for, get the money before, I fall on the floor. My investigation leads me to Dulltown, my plan can be a success, I can get the crown. Many of my preys live in da city, I’m going to find them and then no mercy. In Downtown, I don’t know where to go but my eyes fall on a guy I’ve seen on the photos. I just have to follow him, convince him, threaten him, succeed in my plan and get rid of him. I follow the man at night but he’s not alone, sat on a bench, they seem to wait for the dawn. A third man arrives. The saxophonist gets up, takes out his instrument and something happen. The man disappeared, sucked up by the saxophone. It was terrible but I would not have gone coz I’m Natch, I’m alone against the world and in the swindles I have the last word.

Natch ! Against the World ! I’m Natch, I’m alone against the world and in the swindles I have the last word.

The next day, the saxophonist comes back. It’s raining, even the sky supports my attack. He stops in a bar and gets a drink. Here is the occasion, it’s time to link up. I love your music, especially when you play at night my buddy. The man refused my proposal, he’ll understand later he can’t say no at all. To find his den was really easy. Believe me, to live with simple minded is silly. They are a whole group and together they play. Time goes by, only the weather goes away. With my guitar, I easily joined the band. They don’t know I lead them in a dead end. I’m not ashamed, in my business I treat men. All that matters is what I obtain.


Natch thinks he wins but he forgets the bad links.

No Pain No Gain

Contained on me, I have a hard time. Marked dice, life is a real vice. Stand on a fine film of ice, situation is not so nice. I have wrong cards, I don't have an ace, feelings confused visible on face. I walk with a aim : get a job, my hope locked into a suitcase. Powerless (Yes) in front of decisions, you don't have the word, you become a N.E.R.D. You're not free as a bird. Search, research, offers, companies, tell me about what my life is. Give me the secret, give me the keys, I won't be anymore on my knees.
Big mess, big mess ! Employment in France is da big mess, being too young you have no experience, so logical, you just go out from shool. Radical discourse of the boss, he wants you to learn to carry your cross. Bullshit, nevermind you ! He don't want to see your motivation too. You better don't forget that future is what the young will do ! We are the future, yes we've got the fire ! Kick the old assholes before the world fall ! Who will take the power back ? It's us, the young people.

No pain, no gain, I pushed in my way but it's a real dead end.
No pain, no gain, it's a game where's the winners are always the same and...

Same shit if you're too old. You cost too much, so you get fired. You'll try to recover a new job, you're so bold. No chance ! I don't give a work for charity's sake. How could I do ? Not my business. I am the chief of a big company, I have to make money, no place, no sense to anybody. I follow the precepts of Jealous-Z, the great master of easy money. Most earnings for the less investment That's my reason to be : make money, money, money !
Crap jobs are the least good paid. Risk your health doesn't make you wealth.You work under pressure, cardiac arrest is close that's sure, while others amass the cash and don't know what means work fast. I don't want to blame all that ones, they are lucky but others count. Even with studies you don't find work and it hurts. Master's degree used to rhyme with money but basically even if cash rules everything around me, finally I'm penniless, and we're too many in the same case.


Look at the guys of the crew, it seems we've nothing to do here we are, so in gap, we've got riff too fat for a world too bad. It's mad but it's true, it's hard but it's you, it's sad but will you change your point of view ? We do not go into the mould, it's the burden we have to hold. You can write it in bold face, there'll never be gold in da place. NOFLIPE is a case, how many else ? It's the shit you take in your face ! It's enough ? Let me laugh, it's the stuff of the life, speak about it to your wife and do not switch off the light.
So everybody, my conclusion, may I have all of your attention. While only ten years you're employable, you should stay for your turn and be available. But if you're thirty years old and you never work before, cause of your non experience you'll stay in front of the door. Mistake in a civilized society strange. We will be back to have our revenge ! There is still one point to discover who's Jealous-Z the great master ?


No Sleep

I don´t sleep outside cause it´s a rainy night, I am in a bedroom in S-Low´s flat. Got to sleep Bro, use da bed beside, right ? Huhu, I´m coming, now quiet & good night. No light, no noise, no more. My bro smells like shit it´s hardcore. Hey bro, have you been closed to our mother ? No I´ve never seen her. Ok, cool. Hey Flush, Am I beautiful ? I ask myself, it seems important to people. Oh no ! Only for a fool. You didn´t answer. Let´s sleep brother, please. But ? It´s better, what does it change for you blind man ? Nothing, I just want to understand.

I wanna go to sleep. No sleep.

What looks like Dulltown ? I wonder cause, sometimes you hear noises, sometimes the silence. Sometimes it smells good, sometimes it stinks. Sometimes people are happy, sometimes... Ok I see what you mean. Dulltown is divided into districts, there are lots and they are any unique. It will be difficult to tell you da differences, just remember : everywhere there are disparities. Wow, it doesn´t seems very fantastic, but I know you are rather pessimistic. Brother, you begin to irritate me. Stop breaking off if you want to know more about the city. Just a last question and I leave you alone. Go on, ask and then shut up son. How should I react if my eyes were effective grumpy ? If you could see the world, you´ll vomit booby.



Me, P. E. W., I take the mic in the name of the crew, who wants to dedicate this song to, musical actions of the Zulus. Passing by an ego trip, and this one is led by NOFLIPE !

Well I'm Pew, and I come back with my hood suit. Call me the « new », call me the « blue », you'll never get what we gonna do ! Stop, to play only rock'n'roll, I just want to try out the music as a whole, gather the styles which kill, you can't pay the bill, it's just make you ill, you can't fight against us so stay still ! Now I won't present all the crew, the next one will continue.

Hello my name is S-Low, with my bass I make the show. Either you'll must bow, or you'll just must go. My groove makes you fear, I see it in your tears. I'm waiting for the refrain to listen to the Big Bang ! So what ! Play that ! Get back ! All right ! Shout with us on the Bing big track.


He's Rudy, and he's really, ready, steady. His fingers are the fastest, that's what you can trust. And if he is the new comer, it's to make the music better.

Flush is on the mic, you're having an heart attack ! I am a maniac who's playing on this track and crack ! I'll breack your neck in your back, before 9 o'clock, hey what the fuck ? You see my soul is black, as my asshole. Tic tac tic tac, I'm the bomb you need a doc, tic tac tic tac, I'm the bomb so call the doc !


Doctor E, da saxophonist well, he blows, and he casts you a spell ! His devil sounds comes from hell, he's waiting for you ring the hells bells !

Tok Toc is on the drum, better killer than a gun. He is the beat, he feels it and he likes it. Kick, hat, snare, well, let's increase the pressure cause he doesn't care.


Nothing on this man

After the shock, his face against the rock, a body lost in the dock, NOFLIPE around the block. Hurt in the brain, we gave him a new name. Life rythmed by the clock we call him (Tok Toc). Rudy brought the young back home, began to play music, the famous Fatfuzz tones. The man on the rythm react, became crazy it's a fact. "We've searched for a drummer" said Rudy "and I think we've got !" Losing his memory, he lost human sympathy, rejected by society we took him in the posse. People believe he's useless and less but nevertheless for us he's the best. Crazy ! Funky ! Drummer yes ! (Tok Toc) There's no one else. So now the crew is completed, get up and make some noise kid !

Here is the new friend. We know nothing on this man,
but sometimes is it not better in the end ?
Here is the new friend. We know nothing on this man,
but sometimes is it not better in the end ?

Remembering nothing of his passed life, has he been a human being, I'm asking, or U.F.O. down on earth too fast when landing ? Has he been rich ? Poor ? Good or bad boy ? It doesn't matter cause we won't judge him for what he did before resting on the floor. I do not know if he has the brain washed by NOFLIPE but the result is worth it. He has the spirit, feet on the kick, when madness meets musical hits. He has the kit of the Fatfuzz beats ! This man is a true gold pit.


[Refrain] x2


I wanna talk about me, Flush, and my brother Pew. We have something very important to tell you : we are twins, sons of schizophrenia, upset by the behaviour of our fellow creatures. I'm talking about you ! You ! And you ! Why do you compare what you have in front of you ? You don't have to find seven errors in these pictures, well we are not a freak show ! I am one person and my brother too, we don't have the same point of view. He knows people that I really don't know, the reality for us is not the same show ! He uses his heart when I use my eyes, which one see the truth ? Wich one see the lies ? Don't call me one of da twins or I will pull out your skin !

Now you see your mistake ! We hope you regret it.
I condemn you ! I forgive you ! We are two opposites !

Yes we're twins but there's some differences beyond our colour skin. (Example) He breaks my balls when he says all the people became assholes and this world is cold. It's fun cause I live without light but I think that the world is bright. Flush uses his eyes and he sees the world in black when he describes it. It's true that people compare us, they like to judge the "huge" phenomenon. They don't believe their eyes, "it's not common" but at least it will feed their discussion. I don't care if they play in a fair way, it's not often nasty I don't listen to what they say. I let my brother becomes angry, and I continue to be the one I wanna be.


It makes me laugh when people talk about my physical style, bullshits take me so high, cause I don't even know what I look like. Does my face go wrong or does it go right ? It could be one, or the other, I never mind and nothing's better. It's something I'll never understand : judgements on people's head I can't stand. There are some twins who want to be the same. They are worth than all, and I hate them ! I wanna tell them, you are assassins ! You built one life, where is the second ? You killed one life, it could be someone ! This is the result of a bad education, do you understand my explanation ? Think before you do the parental instruction !


Pew's Second Face

I'm angry, I want to feel the world collapse under me. I used to believe in man but I'm still tired in the end. Whatever he takes, he makes mistakes and he's fake. My headache grows up, Pew's really fed up. On the scale of stupid things, human being is the first. Faster than whoever he multiplies tragedies, Such a swarm of wasps, a swarm of bees, he falls where that hurts. Should I believe my heart or my ears, my smiles or my tears, my conviction or the public opinion ? My brain falters, it's cut in two parts, is life a gift for us or a curse ? Let us be the the trashes on earth.

When Pew wants to show is second face.
The side sinks. Schizophrenia !
When hope wants to leave the place.
The side sinks. Schizophrenia !

A darker text, reflection of the context, or part of my cortex ? One day, I wish I can cut with a big axe like Mad Max. And I'll know if we are innocents or maniacs. Who are we ? We and our hypocrisy. Who are we ? We and our stupidity, complexity, morality, individuality. Does somebody shocked except me ?


Pew seems to be Flush seems to be... Ey you brother, I don't believe it, don't forget it, we are two opposite Where is Pew I always knew ?

Well I don't know where am I I must be very high My life is parading in front of my eyes. What time is it ? (what time is it ?) It's time. Time to decide what's the truth an what's the lie ? I wanted to go off the rails, Does the experience succeedeed of failed ? Today you know I returned on my point of view, is it more true than I used to think or do ?

Schizophrenia !


Have a nice day miss. Doc opens the door, what are those noises ? Some soldiers break his frontage, he´s screaming : Wait ! What the hell are you doing ? Stop ! You´re under arrest doctor, you´ve been denounced. It must be an error. Soldiers beat him and put him in their car. Last man he saws was his friend Archibald.

Archibald, Archibald, en**lé (x4)

Trussed up in a cage, we can feel the doctor´s rage. Bloody face, closed jaw, tortured with a razor edge. On his chair he´s wedged, executioner in front of his head. Doc is in danger, tonight will he be alive or dead ? He feels stifled between walls and soldiers. You´ve gotta give me those names you motherfucker. Listen to me, I don´t know what you are talking about, sir. Answer will come now or later.

Ok, it´s time to begin the serious things. The poor Doctor E can´t believe what´s happening. His wife and daughters in da room are crying, Doc wants to vomit, he has a terrible feeling.

Papapapapapam ! Officer shoot´em. Da two little girls and her mum. You will remember their faces everyday in jail. Son of a bitch, there I will prepare my revenge.

It´s snowing, it´s cold but he can´t stop to run. It´s hard when you are tracked down with a gun. Soldiers and dogs, Doc tries to hide in the fog. To escape, run far away from those hogs. Doc becomes mad and his heart is frozen. He´s suffering and his heart is broken. But he got to hold on and forget the pain. He can´t give into dispair cause no pain no gain. Doc pike up a dead branch to eat soldiers and dogs for lunch. When you take a punch in your face, it´s that you have a bad hunch. First hit, second and third, noises are covering the birds. Blood is spilling on the snow and on Doc´s beard. Now it´s done, soldiers are gone. Doc´s revenge is coming, enemy none. Dressed up like his pursuer, will the following day be better ? He doesn´t know, he has disappeared in the snow.

Shit Happens

S-Low was about to be here, he's one hour late. Well we've nothing to do yet, so let's wait ! Always the same story with him, question of respect. Respect ? You're always hard with him, what did you expect ? He diserves it ! Doctor E agree, he has to understand it ! Doctor E thinks he knows everything, bullshit. You're the same, always blame, condemn other man. Fuck you poor innocent, peace and love is an old slogan.

Little baby if you could see the world, you'll understand ! So what ? If it allows me to be positive, I sign ! Guys as Tok Toc folows my advice, that's fine. Continue to live in your sweet dreams, your flop will be mortal. Like Doc you think that your way is da best way. You're right, I'll follow it until the end of my days. Society is unfair ! Have my revenge that's what I swear ! Your vendetta could be pacifist that's what I say.

Shit happens ! Big offence !
Doesn't make sense !
War in the band !
Chaos takes place !

You like the Doctor's ideal, he's got something to fulfil but Natch only chit-chat, only wants to catch out. It's true that I like Doctor E's determination, but Natch and me we are in the same situation. Do you realize that Doc is able to kill ? And Natch only wants to steal the bill ? I think he wants to know where NOFLIPE can go. Farther than possible, I hope so bro ! Mission, objection, have you got terrorist plan ? Aren't you fed up to be a tense man ? Look at the crew, take example, you'll understand, like Rudy T Meet the beat and on the kick hit with your feet ! Don't tell me I don't have the spirit, I've got it, but I'm not satisfied with your way to feel it. I don't want to only move on music but use it to spread my rage in this society sick.

NOFLIPE discuss but it doesn't work, it's a curse. (Shit happens)



Big building on the street of a record label called Zik ! Noflipe on the office of the Art Director who kick out the band ! As upset as we are he´s screaming : out ! Door is closed, situation is clear : Lock out. We go away, there´s a TV team just in front of us. They revolve around a guy who looks really pretentious. We walk along the corridor, near from this kind of king. Everybody stops, he looks at us so patronizing.

Just arrived in a record label to present our tracks but it don´t fit in the mood and we get the sack. Attacked by Jealous-Z, the self-made man has too big luck, he´s considering us as dog´s muck but all what he says sucks. One day I´m going to go in his house. Knock, knock. Who is this ? What the fuck ? It´s me, I kill you sucker ! One provocation more and he´s gonna be knocked out. Don´t be surprised when you´ll see us under the stage lights.

We meet a man, he´s a shithead !

The man fixed us and mocks us cause. He says : are you a team of super heroes ? That´s right, And you what´s your name ? Super-ficial ? He would bite the little doggie answer the unknown. Loosing my control I´m going to kill him, the group prevents me before I hit : bim. S-Low relaxes people to reach the exit. I ask who's this shithead ? In the middle of the street.

Jealous-Z, the name of the man who became our first enemy. Everyone knows his best ally, he has plenty of money. We live on the fringes of society far away from the skyscraper of the city cause it´s hard to take a place when he poisons all the spaces, hard to be in competition in the same races. He always kills his enemy with some laces and in his hands he´s got all the aces.

Going down the avenue crestfallen by what we see, walking beside a block of flats, s-s-so grubby. A huge poster shows the picture of the fop happy, beside his smile a slogan of publicity. The future together with Jealous-Z. It´s good to know da name of our enemy. You should be careful next time, you will be standing in front of me. Cause you could see the violent man that I can be and for da first time of your lifetime you will be on your fuckin knees.

So long

Doctor E is in the cattle truck, door open, in da circus train, on a box he sits around. Rudy Tiger comes beside him and sits down. Your situation here is temporary, is that right son ? Oh yeah, soon I will be on the road. I know a city where you can hide called Dulltown. He gives him an old picture : It will be the next haul, lot of lights, many people, I hope you´ll find a new home. Another vehicle, another day. Rudy is on a truck with a crew searching for money. He´s lost in his thoughts, searching for something else, he´s looking at his ring. Da "M" of Markus is inscribed on it. Nice jewelry said his neighbor, do you wanna sell it ? I know a guy who can give you a good price in town. Rudy gives him da ring, it was da price of his freedom.

What do we want ? Peace. (x4)

A doctor and a tamer of tigers, life put them together, in a circus they found a shelter. They were separated but one day in Dulltown, they found a headquarter, a team, a project, a purpose, but are they all there for the same cause ? Conflicts have already taken place, is it the truth which takes shape on faces ?


Now Rudy Tiger is in Dulltown in front of the terminus. Same old picture in his hand, his life before Markus. He has no idea that soon he will meet us. For now he´s thirsty so he decides to comes in da Terminus. The bartender ask him : Hello sir, what do you wanna drink ? A big glass of milk will refresh me I think. Agape the barman check if there´s a wink. I will tell you the rest as soon as I find ink. I´ve got bro, then the innkeeper ask the waitress : Dolores, prepare the whisky, it´s time of the artist. Here he is ! Doctor E sits and takes his glass, drinks fast. He likes alcohol taste. Are you always purring when you drink your milk ? The time is stopped, everybody´s waiting, then Rudy blinks. Da two guys know it´s da beginning, not the end. Last thing Rudy said was : same shit for my friend.

Refrain x2

Take the crazy way

To be on time, at anytime or places you should be quickly ! It’s everyday life or is it me ? You slave away all day long, you get up, dress up, go out to work. All what you do should be spotless, but you what you do apart from stress ?

Not every time is fine, you should look for some party time. You want your life to be better, for a time a little bit faster. Do, what you do ? What you wanna, wanna do ? Do, what you do ? What you wanna, wanna do ?

You’re always looking for the crazy way ! x2

Oh yeah the crazy way that’s it ! What do you think about it ? Well, that’s what we are fighting for you know. It’s when you already know that you can trust everybody you meet. It’s the good atmosphere to become crazy, and to take the crazy way… For a moment.

You’re always looking for the crazy way! x4

The Reality Show

Watching TV, people's dummy ! Artificial life makes you become a zombie ! Crazy fake-laugh, da superciality, da sentence falls, you are guilty ! Guilty to absorb the lies as truth ! What TV presenter has in his mouth ! Voyeurism, lust, dangerous, seeing people humiliated : scandalous ! Well I don't care about television. I don't use vision and it's so more fun, I trust my ears when I heard what's happening here. Futile dialogs, dogs against hogs, world has become better in the fog. Is it real life ? It's a reality show and it goes on while I'm talking to you throught my flow. I'll never bow, I shut the door and I close the window.

The movie moves quickly, it goes too fast. I talk about the present you say it's already passed. Like a flash, like a weapon blast, everything turns around the clock and the cash. Time is wasted as money, if you don't believe me you just have to watch TV. Life has become a reality show, it makes me sick and I want to go. We're not integrated, we'll be desintegrated, that's what they want, but they can't catch us ! (Catch us !) Change us ! (Yes !) We've got our own state of mind believe us. Misfits, we're staying in the streets, enjoying our music on the beats. Watching the system of a down, don't call me on the phone cause I'm almost gone.

System is not mine, I make my justice now. I don't want to take the crown but get in town to punish the bad crowd with my saxophone and my special tones. Do you wanna play the fool ? Well... My judgement will be far from good, cause when I walk through your neighbourhood I aim to change you into saxophone food.

Who do you think we are

Rudy and Doc discuss about the circus :
now who´s gonna take care of your tigers ? Maybe Todd ? Oh no, this little kid is too anxious. Markus has fled, it´s the end for all of us. Kling ! What´s that noise which disturbing their conversation ? Listen ! Someone is breathing. They discover a man on the floor who´s bleeding. Ok, says Doc, we gonna help him. Knock, knock, knock, the door I unlock. I see you find some new friends my dear Doc ! Keep calm, it´s was just a joke. Doc brings two bums home, that´s rock !

Who, who do you think we are ? (x4)

What´s going on ? This place is my home. Can I just know, what have you done ? Ok, ok, I think I´ve got an overalls and I´m going to buy food, if I can´t be alone. Does he said something, yes or no ? Toc toc ! Nothing, his head is hollow. He needs to be on rest, can he sleeps here S-low ? Thank you man, we follow you, let´s go ! Seven on a flat, with Rudy, poor little cat and a stranger injured but for what ? For what ? Yes, for what ? But for what ? For what ? That´s what we gonna ask about !


Nothing on this man, is it better in the end ? Maybe we can integrate him with the band. Back at home, the guy is fucking up : paint on walls, music loud, break the tapes. Finally seats behind the drum, makes a roll and a beat, hits on da snare. What´s the shit with the kick ? It fits ! Everybody hits on the floor with da feet. Seven on the road, now we are complete.

Refrain x2

Y Generation

Did somebody talk about the "Y" Generation ?

Who are the persons to whom you speak ?
Who is on the other side of the waves ?
Who are the people who inform you ?
Where is the truth ? Where is the lie ?
Where is your family ? Where are your friends ?
Where are the persons who love you ?
Did you say "Goodbye" to them too ?
"Y" Generation, why "Y" Generation ?

"Y" Generation
"Y" Generation, (why) ? x2
"Y" Generation, (why) Generation ? x2

I’m thinking my life through my contacts,
That’s why it strikes me in the back.
Well, it’s not like…
I just dont understand,
Or it’s not like…
I just can’t stand.
I’m afraid by the loneliness it implies,
So I ask the question why !

Where is your family ? Where are your friends ?
Where are the persons who love you ?
Did you say "Goodbye" to them too ?
"Y" Generation, why "Y" Generation ?


Who are you speaking to ? (Human beings or virtual things ?)
Who's on the other side ? (Maybe persons, maybe illusions !)
Who informs you ? (Human beings or virtual things ?)
Where is the lie ? (Maybe persons, maybe illusions !) x2
"Y" Generation ... WHY ?


Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Yes ! Winner even in the game of chess.

Music I do is not da rock´n´roll but bog´n´roll which help me to aim my goal. First Take pleasure and have a blast, second take bootlickers and gonna break their balls. Da fatfuzz blows your brain out on walls. It makes screaming the mooses girls. Fuck´em and their laws bleed your nose cause it´s the moment when we flap one´s jaw. Do you know one music as crazy as this one ? Fatfuzz the power and NOFLIPE the state of mind. We want to move on a wave, groove and engrave our name on annals, play like animals, keep breaking the walls. Faster than a motorcycle with a bike, more alive than ever when we are on the mic. From the sun to the moon, the stage to the room, you´ll never get rid off our boom boom.

Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Yes ! Change the world into a big mess. Winner even in the game of chess.
Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Yes ! Winner even in the game of chess.


I always cum when I hear the fatfuzz´s beat, wanna jump, not to sit, move with my feet. Da basse, guitar and sax meet, da heavy kit, love that shit, wanna drink, yeah prozit ! Here comes our music, tsunami of licks. You´ve got to fear the invasion of bad freaks in a dirty, ugly, trashy sound´s mix. Mc´s break your back with their tricks. Music in my head, I´m gonna get mad it seems hard, but it´s fine and now the sun shine. Time after time and beat after beat, you gotta quit if you can't feel the snare hit. Let it go, check the flow, you mess with us you gotta double zero. Let´s begin the show, it´s fatfuzz, you undergo. Will you survive ? Answer is no.

Refrain x2